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Changes to the basic health insurance 2023

The basic insurance changes every year. The premium amount can change, as can the statutory excess and the personal contributions. Below you will find the most important changes for 2023. The changes to your supplementary (dental) insurance policies can be found in the appendix to your healthcare policy for 2023 that you will receive around November 12, 2022.

Would you like to know which reimbursements are included in the basic health insurance? Check them out here.

What will change in the basic health insurance as of 1 January 2023?

The healthcare premium

We will announce the new premiums no later than 12 November via our website and in the policy for 2023 that you will receive from us in mid-November.

Statutory excess

Do you receive healthcare that is covered by the basic health insurance? Then you pay part of the healthcare costs yourself. This is the statutory excess. The excess applies if you are 18 years or older. The statutory excess will remain € 385 in 2023, just as in 2022.

Collective discount

As of 2023, health insurers are no longer allowed to give a discount on the basic health insurance. Do you receive a discount on your supplementary insurance(s) in 2022? Then you will keep this benefit in 2023.

Extension of recovery costs after corona

Have you had corona and do you still suffer from complaints and functional limitations? Then you are eligible for certain treatments that improve your recovery until 1 August 2023. These treatments are:

  • speech therapy (all treatments);
  • occupational therapy (up to 10 hours);
  • physiotherapy or exercise therapy (up to 50 treatments);
  • dietitian nutritional advice (up to 7 hours).

A condition for reimbursement is that you are willing to participate in a study into the effectiveness of the treatments.

Prenatal screening (NIPT)

With the non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT), women can have their unborn child checked for chromosome abnormalities such as Down syndrome. The NIPT is reimbursed by the basic health insurance if there is an increased risk of chromosome abnormalities. As of 1 January 2023, the excess will no longer apply to this. Is there no increased risk of chromosome abnormalities? Then the NIPT is reimbursed via a separate government scheme.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D with colecalciferol and calcifediol is no longer reimbursed from the basic health insurance. In addition, from 1 January 2023, additional conditions will apply for the reimbursement of the variants alfacalcidol, calcitriol and dihydrotachysterol.

Changes in personal contribution

Orthopedic shoes, below the age of 16€ 62 per pair€ 63 per pair
Orthopedic shoes, above the age of 16€ 124 per pair€ 126 per pair
Maternity care at home€ 4.70 per hour€ 4.80 per hour
Maternity care during stay without medical indication€ 19 per day + costs over € 134 per day€  19 per day + costs over € 137 per day
Seated patient transport€ 111 per calendar year€ 113 per calendar year


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